Pen and Paper

“In every work of art, the artist himself is present.” -Christian Morgenstern.

Artwork by yours truly

A body functions for its own purpose –a purpose disposed to fulfill its master’s hopes, dreams, wishes, and aspirations with ease and satisfaction. Our bodies are intricate designs made by those residing in His kingdom beyond the sky. We are the artworks of God. Since we are uniquely planned and created, we have the power to create something unique as well.

I grew up knowing all sorts of things. I’ve learned to paint, draw, take pictures, dance, play games, write, etc. I could say I’m happy having a good childhood. I am incredibly grateful for these talents and hobbies for shaping me into who I am now.

I’m exploring a whole world with a new set of people coming and going as time passes by. Each group had something in common. They were all talented in different fields. Everyone is beautiful in many ways. I realized I saw a part of the world in one person and the universe in all of them. They’re all-stars, each belonging in a particular ray of light to those that still possess a dwindling flame.

We all want to be somebody. We take that paintbrush and graze it on that canvas, hoping it could procure something magnificent when done. This is the painter’s masterpiece.

I believe that art is considered art once it comes from the heart/. It doesn’t have to be from a paintbrush and a canvas. It could be in the numbers typed in a calculator or the values denoted in a graph. It could be the grace found in a dance or the chemicals dripped in a test tube. It could even be the voice heart on a solo stage at times. Fascinating, is it not? How humans invest their knowledge towards something and learn to love it gradually through time.

It’s a trademark, each with a particular twist no one else could bend. Instead, it is signage yet destined for everyone else to recognize. We learn to love life a little more than yesterday through love for these discoveries.

There are the words I have kept in mind, jotted down with pen and paper.



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Graysheil Frae Runes

Graysheil Frae Runes

Sleep deprived, coffee-dependant creative in progress. | Illustrator. Graphic Designer. Content Writer. Social Media Manager.