Creative Living Beyond Uncertainties

Ms. Audrey Delizo in the Master Control Room for PBB

I distinctly remember how effortlessly I became comfortable with Ms. Audrey Delizo’s presence even before the virtual interview we did on her. When I first approached her to ask if we could interview her about being a COMM alumna, it is as if I am speaking with my ate, asking for a small favor. Gladly, she accepted it, and the rest was as if I am bonding with my barkada and talking about things we have been up to recently.

Known for her creativity and superb skills, Audrey Delizo is a creative, working for the most significant media network, ABS-CBN, and has substantially contributed to shows like “Magandang Buhay” and “Pinoy Big Brother.”

ABS-CBN held a creative workshop in the university to look for creative individuals with the skills and talent to think of out-of-the-box ideas to activities they have prepared. Twenty individuals were shortlisted, including SLU’s representatives, and fortunately enough, six individuals, including herself, land a position in the company after getting on head-to-head.

When asked what she has contributed to society, she replied with a simple word, “Service.” In the media industry, it is a great pleasure to write topics closely related to one’s principles in life as it is a chance to share experiences with the community. Communication connects people with reality, as this brings them closer to the streets and has them experience it.

Ms. Audrey did not hide how much she fangirled over meeting one of her celebrity crushes in the industry. One of her unforgettable experiences is meeting her celebrity crush, Robi Domingo.

She shared that she was having lunch with her friends the first time she met him when he passed behind her to get to the elevator. She hurriedly packed up her lunch and ran towards the elevator, even jamming her hand in between the closing doors so that she could get in and ask Robi for a photo. Despite feeling sweaty and tired for the day, that single photo lifted her spirit, leaving a big smile on her face.

Fangirl moment with Robi Domingo

It may be the first, but indeed not the last time of the many encounters she has with Robi, as after grabbing an opportunity to be part of “Pinoy Big Brother,” she started to see him regularly and now formed a bond with him.

The greatest challenge that hit over 11,000 employees came up in May 2020 when the most significant media network is forced to shut down and lose its license. Furious. Heartbroken. and Confused. Ms. Audrey did not know what to do. She decided to come back to her hometown, Baguio City, to find a new job and start anew in her hometown. She eventually found one and was scheduled for an interview when her boss contacted her in hopes of coming back and working for the network again. She did not hesitate and immediately accepted it again as this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was being able to work and love what you are doing.

In the service of the Filipino. Now signing off.

Ms. Audrey believes that passion and love drive her to continue pursuing what she loves to do, despite the hardships that come along the way. It is essential to grab every opportunity handed to you, even as it is a great learning opportunity to discover further and expand one’s capabilities.

“…ang importante kahit mahirap may tiwala ka sa sarili mo na kaya mo, kase, una sa lahat walang maniniwala sayo kung di ka maniniwala sa sarili mo.”

Ms. Audrey has a lot more she wants to accomplish. Her life is just starting, and she is beyond ready and capable to take on new challenges and opportunities in life as life is all about self-discovery.



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