Citizen Journalism: New Direction for Reliable News

“It doesn’t matter if the individual is being mistreated, possibly killed, is in Bahrain or in London, but citizen journalism and this technology has inserted a new layer of accountability into our world.” — Paul Lewis

A mere journalist of this industry cannot deny that journalism is entering a time of crisis. As a profession, journalism is not an easy task to do and is not for everyone to take. The task of covering events may seem easy for others but involves diligent studying and training, for the strong ones. This has been solely left to those interested only in taking up journalism, having to spend years to prepare them for the challenges they are to face. However, with the advancement of technology and the fast-paced modernization of the world, journalism is made possible for everyone to aid the journalists with their stories.

Citizen journalism is an alternative form of news gathering and reporting, taking place outside of the traditional media structures, which can involve anyone to help journalists complete their stories. It allows anyone with computers and smartphones to participate in the investigation and research of a newsworthy event and possibly, be the person who can decode and reveal the truth behind it. Plus points most especially if they are present in the event, as they can tell the story through their eyes as they have experienced it. What they have felt and seen may unlock the truth and a big key to facts and revelations.

With the modernization and accessibility, everyone having internet and smartphones at the palm of their hands, these two can be a great weapon to help journalists. Important information such as their stories to tell and other various evidence can be passed on within seconds from one point to another. Exchange of conversation can be done anytime, anywhere. Also, they can record events happening where they are with the use of their smartphones. All these can be utilized to reveal the truth behind it all.

Despite the convenience these bring to journalists, one must stay cautious of information being given. So many tell tales and information can make investigation hard to uncover and may lead to disastrous consequences. It is vital to fact-check this information, access actual hard evidence, and verify statements given.

Having access to information is made easy, especially in this century. This new form of journalism helps remind us that there are more sides to a story. We tend to limit ourselves to particular perspectives that we think are the only ones present, but there is more to it. With everyone’s aid, this helps the story gather the missing pieces and answer all the questions we have in mind.

For more information on how citizen journalism help empower the world, check out this linked video. Citizen journalism | Paul Lewis | TEDxThessaloniki



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