Akihabara Station: Home of the Otaku Culture

Usually, I would find myself going back to specific places because of a beautiful, nostalgic memory connected to the area. However, I want to go someplace new. However, it will still feel like a place that reminds me of a similar feeling previously stated.

I discovered Akihabara Station, which I believe may be the center of pop culture.

Imagining myself wandering the exhilarating known Tokyo’s Electric town, I will make sure to visit at nightfall to enjoy the vibrancy and melodiousness of this electronic center. The district is buzzing and definitely flashy anywhere your eyes lay on as it is full of shops worth visiting. I want to visit sites with products like colorful comics, alluring video games, and fun, catchy anime-themed products as they are all close to my heart and somewhat remind me of the careless childhood feeling of only worrying about which show to watch
on the television. Lastly, to visit a historic shrine, a place that, despite its surroundings being of pop, there will always be that tradition at the heart of the district reminding you of the heritage of Japan.

I never imagined this area to be open, as anything you lay eyes on or touch may seem shocking or impressing. Indeed, this place will make you want to come back or not; so bewildering.

There is no in-between.



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Graysheil Frae Runes

Graysheil Frae Runes

Sleep deprived, coffee-dependant creative in progress. | Illustrator. Graphic Designer. Content Writer. Social Media Manager.