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Sleep deprived, coffee-dependant creative in progress.

ENGAGE: My Ideal Wallet

My Ideal Wallet

My ideal wallet is of the traditional look to any feminine wallet but more compact. Most of the women in my life prefer to have longer, larger wallets holding more cards and cash, too, also having a separate pouch for their coins. As for me, I like to have everything in one clutch as I cannot afford to waste any time when purchasing an item. When I pay, I’m not comfortable staying for a long time at the cashier, looking for coins in my bag, or looking for the correct bill to use for the payment.

Activity 1

Planning for a family vacation, whether it would be inside or outside of the country, is as stressful and hectic as it can ever be, most especially during the middle of a pandemic. With various health protocols we need to make sure to follow, and the essential things we have to plan in order for this vacation to be worthwhile and enjoyable, a neat and cohesive plan should be done by the whole family. Thankfully, with the aid of the ASDAL and its planning methods, this helps planners see things in a clearer view. Complex ideas are organized into chunks, and when put with the suitable method, we will then see things better and not make this whole thing stressful, and everyone will focus on making this travel a delightful experience.

Activity 2

Ever since my kuya introduced me to the Japanese culture through watching anime, I have always been fascinated with exploring the culture of the country. I used my resources to gather as much information that I can about the place as I badly want to experience everything in it. However, reading and watching everything about Japan isn’t really enough. I want to go there and experience it all myself.

I believe one of the ways to expand my knowledge about the country is to experience it myself. Exposing myself to its rich culture and architecture that I only see on…

This Mind Map wraps up what I believe are the essential elements in understanding Communication planning. It seems a lot, and it is but if one puts in the effort to really understand this topic then it will not be a problem as this will help us keep track and organize to becoming an effective communicator.

Here is the best MOJO output that I have covering the importance of Voter Education. This is part of the Newscast that Luminary News produced.

Here is my MOJO coverage on the two online events hosted by BA COMMunity of my University.

I am used to putting on light make-up whenever I feel confident with myself. Then I saw that it is one of our requirements to do so, I got excited. I assumed it would be as easy as putting on light make-up. It was not. It was frustrating trying to put on make-up by yourself, and it is not even how I usually do it. Also, another struggle is finding a good angle to take a shot. I even had to borrow my friend’s ring light as there was no natural light to rely on.

Overall, I am happy with how it turned out. My whole afternoon struggle was worth it.

Below are the photos I took up close and a medium shot.

If I remember it clearly, we already took the grammar quiz twice, so it should be easier the second time around, right?

Well, to be quite honest, I still had a hard time taking it. Sure, I could have memorized the answers or look them up on the internet, but I didn’t. I still took the time to analyze and choose the best answer. My mom saw me take the quiz and told me that I got this, that it should be easier for me considering English is my favorite language ever since I was a child. Speaking and writing…

Here is my group’s output in Broadcast Writing.

02/18/2021 8AM

26-year-old Dina Natuto is caught pocketing monies from the collection plate at Aqovida Fellowship Church at twenty-fourth Liwanag Street in Neverland Park, Sipsipnet City. She was arrested the previous year. She was sentenced earlier this afternoon after being in jail for three years.

Pastor Jack E. Bagbaga was impressed from the beginning with Natuto’s attitude and work. He assumed that nothing was wrong in the beginning and that he said that she was “too nice, polite, reserved, and gentle-hearted.”

Natuto was arrested when another church employee noticed a difference in…

Ms. Audrey Delizo in the Master Control Room for PBB

I distinctly remember how effortlessly I became comfortable with Ms. Audrey Delizo’s presence even before the virtual interview we did on her. When I first approached her to ask if we could interview her about being a COMM alumna, it is as if I am speaking with my ate, asking for a small favor. Gladly, she accepted it, and the rest was as if I am bonding with my barkada and talking about things we have been up to recently.

Known for her creativity and superb skills, Audrey Delizo is a creative, working for the most significant media network, ABS-CBN…

Graysheil Frae Runes

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